Tennis targets

Namine worked on hitting balls at stationary and moving targets in tennis.

Namine has a good swing, so her coach now wants her to work on her aim. The first portion of practice consisted of target practice. Starting out, she simply aimed for one of two rackets placed on the ground.

Next, the assistant helping out with Namine’s coaching encouraged her to aim for her. She would catch the ball when Namine hit it closely enough, then move and throw it again. Namine found this more enjoyable than aiming for the stationary rackets, but then she thought of something even better.

“Daddy, go on the other side,” she told me. “I want to try hitting the balls at you!” Now… should I be proud of her aim, or alarmed that she’s trying to hit me? ?

Like last week, Namine played doubles again, but this time I got to join in on the fun. One of the helpers from last week was missing this week, so I grabbed my racket and played along with Namine and the other two helpers. We rotated teams, with me sometimes on Namine’s side and sometimes opposite her.

When practice had ended, Namine helped to pick up the balls scattered across the court. It was difficult for her to wheel while also carrying the basket used to collect the balls, but she persisted.

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