Tennis growth

We received the slightly shocking news that Namine has outgrown her tennis racket.

The three of us have our own tennis rackets. Jessica and I have regular, adult-size rackets, while Namine has one that’s more suited for her. Tennis rackets come in several lengths, and hers is 23 inches long.

Namine’s coach felt that she wasn’t getting the power behind her swing that she should, so she had her try using a couple different rackets. Her coach had a longer one that was in between an adult-length and Namine’s own. It was, to paraphrase Goldilocks and the Three Bears, just right.

So now we have some homework, as it were: to find Namine a racket 25 inches in length. Our four weeks of scheduled tennis practice are almost up — this being the third week — but we’d like to visit one of the courts closer to home on our own time, too.

At the close of practice, Namine helped to gather up the tennis balls strewn across the court. Even empty, the metal baskets are not light. She didn’t let this stop her, though. She wheeled normally with one hand and held the basket in the other, pushing it against the ground to help propel her forward.

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