Unscheduled tennis

There was no tennis clinic today, but we went anyway.

There was, originally, a scheduled tennis clinic this weekend. Something came up for the coach, but the court was already reserved. Anyone who wanted to play could — and we definitely wanted to play.

It was quite hot and sunny out, so Jessica stayed in the shade for the most part while Namine and I hit the ball back and forth. (We have three rackets, thankfully, along with several tennis balls.) Namine’s ability in tennis is already evident when we’re watching her play with her coaches and fellow players, but even more so against my own (lack of) skill.

Still, by the time we had to leave, I felt like my playing had improved ever so slightly. Namine was happy to impart her wisdom, and not unkindly. She was, as always, happy to have someone to play with.

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