The new winter session of tennis practice has started!

Tennis is probably Namine’s favorite sport right now. (Since she’s eleven, her favorite anything may change at a moment’s whim. But that’s okay!) During the winter months, practice takes place indoors.

For the first part of practice, some time was spent on the basics — forehand, backhand, and some movement. Wheeling while holding a racket is not easy, but before long Namine was back up to speed.

When we had last left off, Namine had started to learn to serve. Starting off, she would balance the ball flat on her racket, then flip it up in the air to hit it.

This time, Namine didn’t want to do that. She wanted to serve the ball like her coach, so she tried it until she got the hang of it. Near the end of practice, Namine teamed up with some of the people helping out for a game of doubles. She showed off her serves and had a great time.

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