Palermo’s tour

Namine had a field trip yesterday to Palermo’s Pizza Factory.

Namine had a field trip yesterday to Palermo’s Pizza Factory. It was great. We learned why it’s called Palermo’s and that it is primarily in Wisconsin and Illinois.

After finding different things in the lobby that were Italian we headed upstairs to the movie room. This is where it got fun. Namine being in a wheelchair and me not being able to carry her up the stairs we got to use the elevator. It was the coolest thing. We got to go behind the scenes and see some things that the other kids didn’t get to see. It reminded me a lot of when we went to Washington and had a tour of the white house. Namine and her aunt got to go up the elevator and they got to see some behind the scene rooms such as the kitchen.

Once we watched the movies about Mr. Palermo and now his children that run the business we got to see the factory. We watched pepperoni dance, so we danced.
This next part was the best…

We got to eat pizza! It was delicious. I know this next part will sound like a commercial but go try Palermo’s. I had never had it that day and they have converted me. Palermo’s all the way!

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