Tooth extraction recovery

Namine is slowly getting better after having two teeth removed.

A couple days ago, Namine had two teeth removed from the right side of her mouth. The initial procedure went well, and the worst she suffered seemed to be a little nausea. Unfortunately, the following day was worse.

Namine woke up early yesterday sick to her stomach and threw up three times before I left for work. She was still on a liquid and soft food diet, but every time she tried eating anything she threw up again. She still seemed to be able to keep liquid down, so she kept drinking water to stay hydrated.

Namine’s inability to keep anything down was concerning, so I called the dentist. She said that she’d never heard of vomiting being an after-effect of having teeth extracted, and suggested the possibility that Namine had picked up a virus of some kind at the hospital. That kind of thing has happened before, so it didn’t sound so far-fetched to us.

As the day went on, Namine remained unable to eat anything, even pudding or applesauce. Jessica called the Complex Care team (formerly known as the Special Needs department) at Children’s Hospital. The nurse practitioner she spoke to said that yes, nausea and vomiting are very real side-effects of having teeth pulled; they’ve seen it before.

In the evening, Namine tried to eat again, this time with Jell-O. It seemed to sit a little easier with her. Hopefully she continues to feel better. At the very least, we will be better prepared for how it’ll affect her when she has the other two teeth pulled.

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