Braces tightening

A routine tightening of Namine’s braces brought with it the opportunity to choose a new color!

Namine had an appointment at the dentist to have her braces tightened. She doesn’t really ever look forward to that, but was happy that she got to choose a new color. Glass half full, right?

Last time Namine had her braces tightened, she chose gold for her braces. This time, she chose two new colors instead of one: “Screaming Pink” on the top teeth and “Extreme Green” on the bottom.

There was a new, additional step to tightening Namine’s braces at this appointment. The dentist called this process “bending.” Now that the majority of her teeth have been moved to where they need to be, the wires are bent to align individual teeth with more precision.

As an aside, I am a little jealous that Namine gets to wear sunglasses during her dentist appointments. I’m sure it helps when you have to lay back, staring into a bright light for two hours. It also doesn’t hurt that Namine looks cool in sunglasses.

As for the braces themselves, it’s pretty incredible how much they have done for her teeth already. Gone are the gaps from when her teeth were pulled. She still has roughly another three years to go, but the braces and rubber bands are just a part of life. Namine is used to them and the care they require.

After the appointment, Namine got to pick some stickers for herself, as she always does. She’s only supposed to take a couple, but they always let her help herself. (Nor do we mind, though we like to tease her about it.)

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