I owe an apology to the subscribers to Eiche fam. A recent blog post sent an email with ads, which should not have happened. (Read on for an explanation.)

Every time I publish a post, all the subscribers to this blog are sent an email alerting them. Last night I published a post about Namine’s recovery from having teeth pulled, and the resulting email to subscribers contained the label “this post is ad-supported” and three ads. Those should never have been there, and hopefully do not show in the very email announcing this post, either.

It brings up a good point that I, as a programmer, feel is important to discuss. It’s become the standard to rely on third-party services, each specializing in a single aspect, rather than having the developer(s) responsible for writing all the code.

The Eiche fam blog uses a plugin called Jetpack which allows me to access analytics, offer email subscriptions, and more. Jetpack’s base functionality is free, but they do have different pricing schemes. This is known as SaaS — software as a service.

When you use a third-party service, you have no control over changes made by that provider. I was reminded of that when the folks at Jetpack decided to turn on ads in subscriber emails. That particular issue resulted in some pretty sizable backlash, and as a result, has been reverted and should not crop up again. So I’m told, anyway.

Again, I apologize for inadvertently sending ads in an email. That has never been, and never will be, the intention on this blog, and I hope it never happens again.

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