Ready for school

Apparently, first grade can’t come soon enough.

Jessica sent this picture to me the other day. Apparently, Namine has been raiding her school nook’s bookshelf for reading material. Sometimes she’ll just sit in the corner on the floor under the table, sometimes in the middle of the living room. But she’s more than happy to sit and read, occasionally asking for help sounding out the tougher words.

She has an endless thirst for knowledge.

So we went to the library and picked out some books for Namine to read. A little Eric Carle here, a little Amelia Bedelia there. Some variety, you know? I just finished reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh to her, so for a change of pace we wanted to get some books that she could read to me.

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  1. Michele Avatar

    How wonderful!!

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