She’s a boots girl

Namine has always loved boots. She comes by that honestly enough — both my sister and I are suckers for a good pair of boots.

We went to the mall to walk around and do some window shopping. Even though Namine had physical therapy today, it was her first session with the new therapist and she didn’t have her do much actual work. She did well in what she was asked to do, but the therapist mostly talked with Jessica in order to establish goals for the coming months.

With Namine having more energy to burn than she normally would on a PT day, she was zooming around, avoiding careening into people by the barest of margins. Jessica couldn’t keep up with her, but I could. When I brought it to Namine’s attention that we’d left Mommy in the dust, she’d turn and wait.

With Namine starting first grade soon — we have the supplies and the school nook all set up, but we’re giving her a small break from school — we thought it’d be nice to do some shopping. Window shopping for the time being, at least to get an idea for what Namine would like for the coming school year.

Yes, I know Namine is homeschooled, so she doesn’t need new school clothes as your average brick-and-mortar-school-attending child would. But there are two reasons: first, Namine needs new clothes anyway. And second, buying new clothes “for school” is a nice way to commemorate — for all three of us — the successful graduation (I know it’s Kindergarten, it’s still a milestone).

Speaking of, we actually got Namine’s report card in the mail today. Did you know they actually grade Kindergarteners now? I didn’t. Anyway, she performed excellently — as we knew she did, being her teachers — and we’re thrilled to start her in the first grade.

Anyway, back to window shopping at the mall. We visited a few different children’s clothing stores and looked at clothes. Nothing definitive, just to get a feel for what was in season. That, and how much my wallet will bleed when we return in earnest. Namine, for her part, was only interested in the footwear. Boots, to be exact.

It has always struck me as awfully unfair that Namine loves boots as much as she does. Being born with caudal regression syndrome, her feet — which have undergone surgery twice already, with more almost certainly to come — do not fit easily into any kind of footwear that covers past the ankle.

But Namine is nothing if not persistent and willful, and she does love a good boot. With our help, she was able to try on (and that includes walking around to try them out) a few pairs. She first had her eye on a leopard-print pair, but changed her mind when she spotted a pair that matched the dress she had on for our evening out.

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  1. Her shopping trip looks like it was so fun! The shoes she picked out are adorable :)

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