Namine’s new cape

Namine has outgrown her cape. Tiny Superheroes sent her a new one!

Some years ago, Namine received a cape from the wonderful folks at Tiny Superheroes. She has since outgrown it, so they sent us a new one!

In all fairness, they didn’t initiate the process for Namine to get a new cape — I did. I had originally thought, since her old one no longer fit, that I would see how much a new one would cost. Their website has a couple different ways a child can get a cape: you can buy one outright, or nominate a child to receive one. I chose the latter.

I filled out the form nominating Namine for a new cape, which included providing her page on Facebook where we publish our blog updates. (Come like us there, if you want!) We know a lot of families with special needs kiddos that have set up social media pages, but not everyone does — so I don’t know if that info would be required for nominating another child.

Tiny Superheroes also has “missions” you can fulfill in order to get patches. They’re fun and uplifting things like spreading your smile (which Namine does anyway) or writing a letter of encouragement to a friend. Namine completed her first mission recently and is excited to receive her first patch!

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