Perhaps you remember me mentioning – they sent Namine a cape after one of my readers sponsored her. I think what they’re doing is admirable and noble. So I signed up for what they call missions, the point being to send Christmas cards to a bunch of kiddos. (They could have been any kind of cards, but Namine wanted to make Christmas ones.)

I sat Namine down and explained what this was for. When I told her about these kids, how they’re all called tiny superheroes for going through all they’ve been through, her eyes lit up. She got it. “I’m a superhero too, Daddy. But I’m not so tiny. I’m a big girl.” I asked her if she wanted to make cards for some kiddos, already knowing the answer. It was a resounding “Yes!”

Happy with her handiwork.
Happy with her handiwork.

We might be able to sympathize with these kids – Jessica and myself more than most, perhaps, because of our own experiences with Namine’s dire past – but Namine herself can empathize. She knows what it’s like, she understands in a way we never will.

This meant more to her than making Christmas cards ever had. This started as something for the two of us to do, but she took it. She owned it. It became hers, and could I have been so foolish to think it was ever anything else? It is her loving heart that she poured out into these cards, these things which are now so much more.

Showing off a card destined for a TinySuperhero.
Showing off a card destined for a TinySuperhero.

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  • Michele

    Such a sweet super hero!

  • Betty Sternbach

    Namine is a very precious “Tinysuperhero”, I love reading your stories.

  • She’s really incredible!