Love and googly eyes

I just mailed out TinySuperheroes Mission 11. Namine always loves crafts, but she especially took to this one.

I wrote about TinySuperheroes back in 2013 when they sent us a cape for Namine. They make capes for kiddos who have it rough, and they were extremely generous in sending one for Namine.

As an organization, they do more than make capes for children — they also have activities (called “missions”) that you can participate in. We haven’t done any missions in a while, but we thought it would be a good idea to start doing them again. Namine agreed.

TinySuperheroes Mission #11:
♥ heARTwork ♥
Think about what love looks like to you, then send love out!

When TinySuperheroes Mission 11 came in the mail, I handed the envelope to Namine. She opened up and read the directions.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Included in the envelope were ten blank paper hearts. It was Namine’s task to decorate them, according to what love meant to her.

It took Namine a couple nights to complete the hearts. There’s only so much time in between supper and bedtime, after all, especially when she wants time to read.

Namine put so much love into each one. And they all were different. On some Namine drew, and on some she mostly put stickers.

The ones she drew on, she covered a wide array of topics. She drew desserts (which are their own kind of love), getting visits from friends and family while in the hospital (something about which she knows too much), and going on walks with family (something we miss, and hope for as soon as weather turns).

The mostly stickered hearts, on the other hand, ended up covered in googly eyes. When I asked Namine if that was what love meant to her, she replied simply that she loved googly eyes. Can’t argue with that, I suppose.

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  1. Namine is so sweet! I’m glad she enjoyed her completing her mission!

  2. Chanda Griese Avatar
    Chanda Griese

    Great idea to help develop empathy. Blogging on this right now for my own kiddo and others who struggle with understanding their own feelings and the feelings of those around them. Nadine is such a sweet heart and is learning compassion at a young age!

    1. *Namine :)

    2. Chanda Griese Avatar
      Chanda Griese

      Yes, Namine. Sorry I misspelled her name…it’s beautifully unique (:

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