·  Normal is a dryer setting.


My tiny hero

Perhaps you remember me mentioning TinySuperheroes.com – they sent Namine a cape after one of my readers sponsored her. I think what they’re doing is admirable and noble. So I signed up for what they call missions, the point being to send Christmas cards to a bunch of kiddos. (They could have been any kind…

Super Namine’s cape

Some days ago, I got an email from Robyn at TinySuperheroes.com. The email, in part, read: We would be honored to send your child their very own TinySuperhero cape and make them an official member of the Extraordinary TinySuperhero Squad!

Making our own Christmas stockings

Today was a craft day. We made our own Christmas stockings! It took a little while for Namine to get the idea, but she’s been doing fine motor stuff at therapy for long enough that she got the hang of it pretty quickly.