Eye appointment

Namine got her eyes dilated for a vision test.

Over the summer, Namine started experiencing blurry vision and headaches. Children’s Hospital wasn’t accepting non-emergent appointments, so we had to wait until Fall to get her seen. As soon as we could, though, we scheduled an appointment with her eye doctor for a vision test, which revealed nothing alarming — but no answers, either. On the other hand, we now have recent confirmation that her vision is good and that she does not need glasses.

Even though Namine is still attending school at home — no change for us there — her schedule is far different from previous years. Instead of being taught by Jessica, Namine attends live video classes. This, of course, requires being in front of a computer, and much more than she was used to. (Last year, Namine only attended one live class. The rest were taught by Jessica.) Increased screen time may not be the cause of her headaches, but it certainly won’t help them any.

I make my living as a programmer; it’s common for me to sit in front of a computer (accompanied by my phone, and sometimes a tablet or two) for eight to ten hours a day, or more. That being the case, I frequently get headaches due to staring at said screens for extended periods of time.

I recently got new prescription glasses, this time trying out the added benefit of blue light blocking lenses. Since getting my new glasses, I’ve found that my headaches are noticeably less frequent. Since it seemed to reduce my screen-related headaches, there seemed little to suggest it wouldn’t do the same for Namine.

We found a three-pack of non-prescription, blue light blocking glasses on Amazon. Since they were to be Namine’s, we let her pick the pattern. She opted for leopard print. 🐆

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