Super long speech appointment

A long time ago (it sometimes seems to us), long appointments were the norm. I’m not just talking about a mere two or three hours; in the days of Namine’s infancy, it was typical to spend literally six to eight hours at the hospital.

At the dentist

Having Pierre Robin Sequence, Namine sees a dentist at the hospital. She used to be afraid of the dentist, but that seems to be well in the past — I suspect her comfort in taking care of her teeth helps play a part. As for the appointment itself, it went without surprise or fanfare. Namine has no more cavities than she did last time, and will likely lose at least four more baby teeth that are already loose within the next six months.

Dentist appointment

Namine sees many different doctors, for many different things. A given week can easily be full of appointments – not a single day of staying home, for the most part. Today, though, was Namine’s most feared visit: the dentist. At least, that’s what we thought.

Dental clinic

Namine had a dental appointment late this morning. This is the first appointment with her new dentist; she graduated, according to the hospital, and she liked this one better.