Namine had a dental appointment late this morning. This is the first appointment with her new dentist; she graduated, according to the hospital, and she liked this one better.

Namine’s previous dentist was loud and, in Namine’s opinion, a little scary. In the meantime between appointments, though, I’ve done what I can to condition her to brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, thereby eliminating much of the mystery and apprehension.

It seems to have worked; on meeting her new dentist, Namine was cheerful and talkative. I know she’s been a little nervous, but she wasn’t scared. They took Namine back by herself for a simple teeth check – no cleaning this time – so we just sat there in the waiting room. This is the first time Namine has been taken back without us; I was at the same time nervous, proud, and sad.

I was nervous because this is still the dentist; it’s one thing for Namine to be fine with me cleaning her teeth, but quite another with the dentist. I am proud and sad because my little girl, my baby love, is growing up. She is so grown up already, and it hardly seems possible that she will be five next week.

I could hardly believe that Namine behaved perfectly for the dentist. I mean, last time she threw a fit so huge that she threw up. When did our little girl become so grown up?