Namine had an appointment for the dentist the other day. They discovered a cavity.

Namine is to the point now where dental appointments are usually no big deal. She’s no longer afraid of the dentist — the fact that her (relatively) new dentist is friendly has no small part in that — and she sits quietly, waiting to be done.

Namine has always had a bit of a nervous stomach. If she worries overmuch about, say, a clinic visit, she would likely throw up. For the most part, she has this under control. There are times when she worries about appointments (this visit included, at least the night prior), but more often than not, she can reign in her emotions and keep herself calm.

Unfortunately, physical sensitivity does not care whether or not you can control your emotions. The right side in the back of Namine’s mouth, for whatever reason, has always been sensitive. Fortunately, the dentist was ready with the suction tube when Namine did throw up. But it was not nerves; as the dentist was painting Namine’s back teeth with the protective sealant, her gag reflex kicked in and that was that.

The dentist discovered that Namine has a cavity, and will need her first filling. In the past, Namine has just had caps put on her teeth, but as this cavity is in the middle of the tooth, that will not suffice. She has always been sedated for any dental procedures, but now her dentist believes (and we agree) that she is old enough to remain awake with local anesthetic.

Before going ahead with this plan, though, we must first consult cardiology. Whenever drugs are involved, we make sure to check with Namine’s cardiologist to make sure it won’t negatively affect her. Yes, Namine’s heart is strong; yes, her O2 levels are the best they’ve ever been. But Namine is also on medicine to carefully modify her blood thickness and pressure, so it’s somewhat of a delicate situation.

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