Namine sees many different doctors, for many different things. A given week can easily be full of appointments – not a single day of staying home, for the most part. Today, though, was Namine’s most feared visit: the dentist. At least, that’s what we thought.

It wasn’t so long ago that a dentist appointment for Namine consisted of us holding her down while she attempted to bite the dental hygienist. (No, Namine is not a “biter.” But you try sticking your hands inside an unhappy child’s mouth, and see what happens.) So of course Jessica mentally prepared herself this morning for an appointment of screaming, misery, and woe. But that’s not at all what happened – once again, Namine surprised us.

Namine sat by herself in what she called “the big girl chair,” because “I’m a brave girl.” She did not cry. She let the hygienist inspect, brush, and floss her teeth without a single complaint. Not a single tear was shed.

For the most part, the dentist told us, Namine’s teeth are very well cared for. We’re doing a good job brushing her teeth, she said – I wonder if she knows Namine is doing most of that work – with one exception. The omega loops, which will hold her palate prosthetic (no, I don’t know what its official name is) in place, are tricky to clean, and need more attention paid to them when we floss.

Speaking of Namine’s palate prosthetic, we hope to have that appointment rescheduled soon. You might recall that the appointment during which Namine would be fitted with it for the first time had to be cancelled, because her chest incision opened back up, leading to another long hospital stay. But Namine’s chest incision is looking better than ever now, so it’s time to move on to the next big thing.


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