At the dentist

Having Pierre Robin Sequence, Namine sees a dentist at the hospital. She used to be afraid of the dentist, but that seems to be well in the past — I suspect her comfort in taking care of her teeth helps play a part. As for the appointment itself, it went without surprise or fanfare. Namine has no more cavities than she did last time, and will likely lose at least four more baby teeth that are already loose within the next six months.

Namine’s first loose tooth

Tonight, while Namine was brushing her teeth, I noticed that she didn’t turn the electric toothbrush on. Not only that, but she was wincing. After she was done, I took the toothbrush to do a once-over like I always do after she’s done. She told me, “Don’t brush my teeth, Daddy! My teeth hurt!”

YAY for equipment changes.

Man oh man. If everyone were trained to make changes that would be exciting for us. We had a couple of doctors visits this past week and they made some vent changes. The first changes I could do myself, but the other changes neither Paul or myself could change so we have to wait for home care medical to come and change things, only they were supposed to come on Friday and never did. Now we have to change the vents around and that is a just a pain in the but. On the Topic of Namine, though, the reason you come to the site, she is doing fabulous. And I can’t remember if I told you that if she […]

Home On Monday!

Hello Everyone, Namine is coming home on Monday, February 2nd. Great Grandpa has a great birthday present:) Namine is doing well. She has recovered surprisingly well after having this heart surgery. She is down to 30% oxygen not only on the vent but on her trac collar and doing fabulous. She is stating in the low to mid 80’s. They have her doing two 60 minute trials and they are bumping her up to 90 minutes tomorrow, and when she comes home we are going to work her up to more of her regular schedule of 5 hours collar, 2 hours vent, 5 hours collar and vent over night. The doc’s would like to see her back on her regular […]