Tooth extraction recovery, again

Namine is feeling much better after having her teeth pulled, so we spent the day taking down the Christmas decorations.

When Namine woke up this morning, her pillow case was a little bloody. This was expected, though, and not actually alarming. She was in some pain, but not too much. Even better, she was not at all sick to her stomach (unlike last time) and was able to eat more solid food.

After we ate breakfast, we took down our Christmas decorations. That was the plan all along for Jessica and myself, at least — whether or not Namine would help had been dependent on how she felt. As it turned out, she felt fine and loved helping. She helped me and Jessica take down ornaments and place them in their boxes.

With a little assistance from me, she also helped to take apart the tree.

It struck Namine as funny that the top third of our tree would have served as the perfectly sized tree for her.

After I boxed up the tree, I asked Namine to please take the box back out to the garage. She told me no, I had to do it.

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