Tooth extraction, again

Namine had the remaining two teeth pulled so she can get braces.

We headed to Children’s Hospital this morning for Namine’s second tooth extraction. Two teeth on the top and bottom on her left side were removed, which means the next procedure is finally getting braces. (She might actually get spacers put in before the braces, but communication with the dental department remains a bit unclear.)

Namine said that having the bottom tooth was more painful last time, so she told the dentist that she’d prefer to get that over with first. The dentist said that was fine, but then she proceeded to do the top first anyway. (Namine was in too much pain at the time to be properly mad, but she was plenty upset about it after all was said and done.)

After her teeth were pulled, Namine did not experience the nausea or lightheadedness that she had last time. Namine had insisted on not being laid all the way back, preferring to sit up for this procedure instead. (The dentist honored this request, at least.)

Namine spent the remainder of the day relaxing and taking in fluids. For dinner she had some solids — although I think overcooked pasta can only barely be called solid food. Still, it’s a start and she felt a little more like herself.

Despite the fact that Namine felt much better, we still sent her to bed more or less at her normal time instead of letting her stay up until midnight. It may have been a poor substitute, but we did have fun celebrating the new year by dropping an exercise ball in Namine’s room before she went to bed.

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