Teeth spacers

Namine had a dental appointment to get spacers before she finally gets braces.

Before she can get braces, Namine first needed spacers placed in between some of her teeth. Just like the name implies, this forces the teeth to move so they can get the equipment in between the teeth next week. Namine had six total spacers placed: two on each side on the top, and one on each side on the bottom.

Next week, Namine will get braces on all her upper teeth. She’ll also get braces on the left side of her lower teeth, which will start the process of moving her teeth into the correct position. She won’t be able to get braces on the lower right side because she still has an adult tooth under where they extracted the baby tooth. That still has to get removed, but thanks to bureaucracy and hospital phone-tag, we haven’t been able to schedule it yet.

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