Cover2 1.1.3

The latest version includes a translation fix, some footer tweaks, some new ASE component styles, and even more Gutenberg style updates.

Translation fixes

A non-US user uncovered (see what I did there?) some bugs in the theme’s translation support. Thanks to his help in testing, I’ve been able to eliminate all the problems I’m aware of. This is, however, one of those things that I consider never done; like with accessibility, there’s always room for more improvement in translation support.

Footer tweaks

When I released Cover2 1.1, I added some new features, including footer widgets. In doing this, I had to make sure the Jetpack Infinite Footer support still worked. No problems there, but even after the initial update, I noticed that there were some spacing issues. Those should all be fixed now.

ASE map component updates

The Aesop Story Engine plugin’s map component has a “sticky” option, where you can make the map stay on the top, bottom, left, or right of the post. (Small screen sizes show the map in the normal post flow.) Due to the unique nature of Cover2’s responsive navbar and overlay screens, I needed to update the styles to make it all play nicely.

More Gutenberg updates

As WordPress marches steadily on toward 5.0 and the official out-of-beta launch of Gutenberg, I’ve done my best to keep up with core plugin updates, and matching them in Cover2’s style. If you are using Cover2 and the Gutenberg beta plugin, my hope is that you find nothing out of place. (If you do, let me know!)

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