Broken wrist

Namine broke her wrist, and we don’t know how.

A couple days ago, Namine complained that her left wrist hurt. With very little inflection, she just said, “Ow. My wrist hurts.” And, knowing our next question before we could ask it, she said, “It feels like it’s broken.”

Namine knows full well what a broken leg feels like. We trusted her over the ER x-ray tech about her leg, and she was right. So if she says her wrist is broken, we are more than inclined to believe her.

We got into an appointment this morning with her foot surgeon and bone specialist, Dr. Brian Black. She had x-rays taken of her wrist, after which Dr. Black came in to discuss the results with us.

As it turns out, Namine was right. She does have a break: a stress fracture on the inside of her wrist, on one of the tiny bones whose name I don’t know. Because the break is so small, and because Namine uses her hands for everything, they put a brace on her wrist, not a cast.

We’ll see Dr. Black again in two weeks for another x-ray. Until then, Namine is forbidden from playing tennis or basketball. And that really sucks, because she was going to play in the Big Cheese Classic tournament tomorrow.

Three years in a row, Namine has wanted to play in the Big Cheese. Last year, she got sick just before we left. The year before that, there was a paperwork mixup.

Last time Namine broke her leg, Dr. Black told us that she’d be dealing with this for her entire life. Her lower extremities are fragile due to her being born with caudal regression syndrome, but we’ve never had a reason to expect easily broken bones in her upper extremities.

We’re fortunate that the break Namine suffered in her wrist is not more severe, and that she can get by with just having a brace, and not a cast. We’ll be meeting with the Children’s Hospital’s Special Needs team to figure out where to go from here.

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