Cover2 1.3.0

I think this is the largest single release ever.

Bug Fixes

There were quite a few fixes this time around, including one pretty major form element issue that apparently had been there since 1.0. I also completely rewrote how words and paragraphs break.

  • Fixed posts navigation margin.
  • Fixed blog page top margin.
  • Fixed comment navigation width.
  • Fixed footer widget colors.
  • Fixed word break and hyphenation styles.
  • Fixed comment form field widths.
  • Fixed button size and line-height to address line-height issues*.
  • Fixed full-height header to address cut-off issues with the “read more” link on small screens.


I tweaked the header styles a bit, allowing for only the site logo to be displayed if you’re using a page instead of blog posts as the homepage. I changed the posts and comment navigation buttons to use the gray, not the accent color. I also tweaked the footer color options in the Customizer.

  • Changed header styles.
  • Changed posts and comment navigation button styles.
  • Changed Customizer footer color options.

New features

As you may or may not be aware, Jetpack recently received a pretty major update itself, deprecating its old social media menu in favor of its new social media widget. The last theme update added the accent color in the bundled theme icons; this update makes it an option, so you can display them in the single, default color if you want. Another new Customizer option is for the homepage, if you use a page instead of blog posts. It’s now possible to embed four more pages as extensions of the homepage, a la the Twenty Seventeen theme.

  • Added support for new Jetpack social media icons widget.
  • Added Customizer option to use accent color in theme icons.
  • Added Customizer option to add configurable front page content.
  • Replaced old grid styles with 12-column responsive grid.

* Apparently there are still button line-height issues. This one may take another update to iron out.

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