Livestreaming is great for medically fragile kids

When you can’t get to church, church can come to you online.

Namine has always gotten sick easily, especially in the winter. Back when she had a tracheostomy tube, she was prone to infection and we were often taking her to the ER on a weekly basis. In those days, we often referred to the hospital as our “home away from home.” We were on a first-name basis with many of the nurses and doctors.

Namine is not as prone to sickness as she once was, and not with the severity either. But she will always have a weaker immune system, and the winter is still fraught with easily-caught illness that sometimes takes her weeks to get through. Case in point: not too long ago, she had just finished up a round of antibiotics, only for us to bring her back into the ER for a bad cough once again. And then there’s her recent broken wrist, when her broken leg had just finished healing in November.

With all this craziness going on, we haven’t been going to church. We have been attending church, by watching a livestreamed service on Sunday mornings, following along with the service from the comfort (and warmth) of our home. When Namine was little, if she was sick, we simply didn’t go to church. That was all there was to it. Now, however, we do have an alternative.

Watching church on the TV — even if it is live — is not ideal. We’d much rather be there in person, believe me. Sometimes, you don’t have that choice. Not every parent is going to have that luxury. Trust me when I say — because as special needs parents, we have the experience to back it up — sometimes going to church is a luxury. But being able to remotely attend church? That’s a blessing.

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