Cover2 1.1

It’s nearly been a year since Cover2 launched. What better way to celebrate that than by releasing an update?

Bug fixes

There are a few fixes in this version’s CSS, but one pretty significant JavaScript fix. If you used the Pages widget, child pages didn’t get hidden beneath their parent like they do in the menus and menu widgets.

New features

Footer widgets

Several users have requested footer widgets, so I’ve added three spots. The three widget areas sit side-by-side, each allowing for stackable widget blocks. The three widget columns collapse into a single column on small screens. The widget area is light gray by default, but will change to dark gray if you’ve selected the dark overlay theme.

Because the theme takes advantage of Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll module, I had to update how it integrates. Now, if you don’t have any active footer widgets, the behavior remains unchanged. If you do, however, posts don’t auto-load. Instead, a button will appear at the bottom of the post list which, when clicked, will load more without reloading the page.

Footer color

I also added a new option to the Colors section in the Customizer: a checkbox labeled “Use Accent Color in footer.” By default, the footer has a white background. When this checkbox is selected, the footer’s background will change to the selected Accent Color (which is also located in the same section).

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