Namine tried playing tennis for the first time, and she loved it.

Namine loves trying new things. When we asked her if she’d like to try playing tennis, she was all for it. A little unsure of what to expect — but I wouldn’t say nervous — but perfectly willing to try.

The coaches leading the class were a couple of now-retired world-class players. They’ve been teaching wheelchair tennis, if I recall correctly, for over 20 years now. There were quite a few returning players, and one new player: Namine herself.

For the majority of the hour-long practice session, they split off into groups. Each participant or two had an instructor to work with; since it was Namine’s first time, she had an instructor all to herself. He started off having her hit a ball into the wall, and then they moved to hitting over a small net, so she could get used to aiming over a certain height.

Practice was over much too soon, as far as Namine was concerned. She clearly enjoyed herself, and she said she couldn’t wait until next week.

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