Throwback Friday

Yesterday Namine asked me if I could show her some videos of her when she was a baby. Here’s a couple that she really likes.

This one was taken when Namine was just over a year old. She’d already had her first two heart surgeries. We hadn’t even started talking about her foot surgery yet — and that was back when we didn’t know if she’d even be able to bear weight on her legs.

But in spite of all that, Namine was extremely energetic and happy. She couldn’t make very much noise on her own because of the trach, but she has always had a smile on her face.

This next video is from the end of 2009, shortly after Namine got her mandibular distractors. Jessica’s sister Jewel was living with us at the time, and was a great help in taking care of Namine. Namine was a bit crabby and tired in this video, but she still blew kisses to Jessica at the end.

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