While everybody else sat at home watching some boring game, we took Namine to a pumpkin farm. She got to pick out her own little pumpkins, we took a hay ride, got lost in a corn maze, and picked out some large pumpkins, too. I think it’s safe to say that we had more fun than you did. :p

I have to credit my mom for coming up with the idea, of course; and we all had such a blast. Everybody who went: my mom, dad, Jessica’s mom and sister Jewel, and of course Jessica, myself, and Namine. Our little one absolutely loved being able to pick out her own little baby pumpkins. For the most part, we pushed Namine around in her stroller, which has a tray for food or whatever. My mom put two little pumpkins on the tray, and Namine immediately signed for more and said “moah!” (The most awesome thing about getting rid of the trach is that she speaks all the time, especially when signing for things.) So on the tray went two more little pumpkins, leaving no more room. Except, of course, for the cup holder, which later became the proud container of a small gourd.

On the hay ride, Namine had the good fortune to observe some other kids throwing hay. Of course she wanted to do it too. Always encouraging only the very best behavior, we gave her some hay to throw, which she did while laughing gleefully. She was pretty much all smiles all the time anyway, since she loves the sunshine and just being outside in general. Suddenly, the hay ride came to a stop. The driver told us that we all had to get out and go through a corn maze in order to get to the pumpkin patch. Namine loves it when I run with her. So I ran full tilt through the maze, Namine laughing the entire way. Turns out we made it to the pumpkin patch first. :D

After we got back from the hay ride, pumpkins in tow, we all sat inside a greenhouse and ate some snacks. Namine ate a large hotdog, caramel cornpuffs, and drank some juice. By this point, Namine was pretty tired, so we came home and I put Namine to bed for a nap. She’s sleeping peacefully now. Her sats seem a little low, so I’ve put the oxygen mask on her. Just to be safe.

I never got a chance to make a post yesterday, but she went to music class with my folks again. Of course she enjoyed herself, since she loves anything with a beat anyway. Prior to yesterday, she’d been diagnosed with an ear infection in her right ear, and we were giving her eardrops twice a day for it. Well, yesterday in the car, Namine complained of pain in her left ear. Great. So my parents took her in to see the doctor again (fortunately, Namine’s pediatrician is the same pediatrician that parents had had for years; we all know each other). New diagnosis: Namine doesn’t have an infection in her right ear anymore; it’s moved to her left ear. Because the infection seems to be on the move, the doctor has us giving Namine some oral antibiotic as well as ear drops in both ears. (The infection may truly have moved on, but you can’t be too careful.)


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