Pumpkin carving

A couple days ago, Namine and carved her first pumpkin. We didn’t really carve it, per se, so much as did something akin to a linoleum cutting or engraving. It’s great for someone like Namine, whom we don’t want handling knives quite yet. I still had to help her, but she was excited to be able to hold the cutting tool herself. Namine had a blast doing it. Jessica’s sister Chyral had given us a book of patterns that also came with some tools for doing the cutting. Of course Namine picked the cat.

Field trip

Namine went on a field trip with her class yesterday to a pumpkin farm. My dad had the pleasure of going with her, but apparently he’s too busy to write about it. Fine, I’ll just post the pictures he took.

At the pumpkin farm

Yesterday Jessica, Namine, and I joined Ann, Pete, and Olivia in going to the Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm. Namine loved being pulled in the wagon with Olivia. I’m going to shut up for this post and let the pictures speak for themselves. They are more eloquent than I could ever hope to be.