Pumpkin farms

Over the weekend, we went to two different pumpkin farms.

First pumpkin farm

When we went to the first pumpkin farm on Saturday, it was very cold. We went with Jessica’s sisters, but no one could really enjoy themselves outside. Still, we walked around and looked at all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay long.

Second pumpkin farm

It was much nicer when we went to a different pumpkin farm with my parents and sister. We went on a hay ride, picked out our own pumpkins, and went through a corn maze. (It was a maize maze!)

Well, I say we “went through” the maze, but it was more like we went in, got lost, and accidentally came out the entrance. We didn’t mind, because at that point I think we were all ready to go home anyway.

Pumpkin decoration

Unfortunately, we never got a chance to carve our pumpkins. I have all this acrylic paint, however, and it would be a shame not to use it.

Namine decided to paint her pumpkin as a mummy unicorn. I think it might have been a zombie too, at one point. She had her paints, and she had a bandage roll for the mummification process.