Namine had an appointment today, a checkup visit with Dr. Denny, her plastic surgeon. (Why are they called plastic surgeons? They operate on people.) Just to make sure her jaw is doing okay, and all that lovely stuff. And tomorrow’s the big day! We check in at the hospital tomorrow at 10.

We went to the Children’s Hospital special needs picnic yesterday afternoon. It was at some park close to the hospital. We saw Dr. Gordon there, as well as his nurse Carrie, and we saw Jacob and his parents. We hoped to see Sully, but his family didn’t make it, I guess. There were raffle prizes (I won an expensive electric razor kit!) and Irish dancers (that seems to be a popular theme for special needs kids, I don’t know).

And don’t take this as the final word, but in addition to getting rid of the trach, we may also get rid of the g-tube sooner than expected. We haven’t used the thing in several months now. Like I’ve said before, Namine is improving and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Now we just gotta get some more weight on her.


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