Cleft palate clinic

Namine saw several doctors in a morning-long cleft palate clinic appointment.

When Namine had her cleft palate appointment, it took almost literally all day — from 8:00 in the morning until somewhere around 3:00 in the afternoon. This year, it just took a little under two hours.

As you might recall, the doctor who’d been following Namine retired last year. Namine’s new cranio-facial specialist and plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Havlik, is overseeing Namine’s progress from here on out, including her upcoming jaw expansion.

All of the doctors that Namine was seen by said she’s doing well. Despite the lack of speech therapy, her speech is good. The frenulotomy/frenulectomy served Namine well, allowing her to enunciate more clearly.

When Namine’s tongue was first clipped, her doctor said that she might need another clipping in the future. So far, it doesn’t appear necessary.

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