I broke Namine’s garden

I was trying to move one of our raised flower beds. It did not go well.

Back in May, we started a garden. We had one small raised flower bed, but after a trip to Menard’s, we set up a larger one in which Jessica and Namine planted a number of vegetables. It was quite heavy, but seemed stable enough. On its legs, it was the perfect height for Namine to dig, plant, and water.

We set up the raised bed on the grass, but I quickly discovered that this was not ideal, as I needed to mow under it. When I foolishly attempted to move it by myself, one of its legs snapped. The legs fastened to the underside of the bed in such a way that removal of the other legs was impossible. Jessica and I agreed that the only thing to do was to snap the other legs off, so that’s what I did.

Namine’s raised garden bed is not so raised now, but she is still able to water them. Her vegetables are still growing nicely, so I’m thankful that their little adventure did not prove too traumatic.

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