Gardening update!

We made some changes to our front garden, and adding some new raised areas for Namine.

The stars aligned for a nice weekend, so we set ourselves to the task of continuing our gardening adventures. Jessica and a couple friends — Nyre, our friend from college, and her husband Jeff — made some serious progress on the center garden on the front lawn while Namine and I went on a bike run. When we got back, Jessica and I assembled another raised garden bed for Namine.


Once the bed was assembled, Namine and Jessica filled it with dirt and started planting things. They filled the other bed with flowers, but Namine also wanted to plant some vegetables. This garden bed was actually smaller than we expected, so there was only room for the peppers.

We had gotten two other large, circular pots with stands, so Jessica and Namine planted tomato plants in those. We lined them along the front walk leading up to the house so Namine could reach them to water them.

I came back outside after the sun started to set to look at all the solar-powered prettiness in the front garden. I knew about some of them — because I helped place them — but the bright watering can pouring out lights was new to me. I had to take a shot highlighting it because Nyre did such a wonderful job with it.


We found another larger, taller raised garden bed at Menard’s. We bought more dirt, which I find humorous for some reason, so Jessica and Namine could plant more eatable vegetables. The other vegetables Namine had picked out — small watermelons, cucumber, and tomatoes — went in the larger bed.

We think it’s really looking nice! We have a garden out front with flowers, an orb pedestal, and a wind chime (whose shepherd’s hook is a little too short; we’ll remedy that soon). We also have a number of raised garden beds and pots with vegetables; these are far easier for Namine to reach than if they’d gone in a garden in the back, since they’re along a paved path.

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