I had the opportunity to see Namine sit herself up all by herself last night. It may have had something to do with her being full of pizza and ice cream. Namine and I have a couple things we like to do every night. One of them is share an ice cream sandwich after dinner, and another is sing. I have a few songs I like to sing to her every night. About halfway through the songs, she’ll lay her head down on my shoulder, and I’ll lay her in bed. She usually falls asleep pretty quickly after that. Oh no, not last night.

Namine had taken a nap until about 7pm, and then I woke her up because I made pizza. After dinner we shared an ice cream sandwich – she ate about half, offering me the occasional bite. But then she proceded to use the ice cream as warpaint. It was at that point that I took away the sandwich and finished it off. She didn’t get into bed until about 10:30, after I put Mepilex over her stoma (as opposed to using gauze), put her eardrops in, and did her g-tube cares.

After I was done singing to her, I laid her in bed and gave her a couple plushy toys and turned on her musical mobile, things I do every night. She seemed tired, so I left the room. I would wait, as I do nearly every night, for her to fall asleep before putting the pulseox on her. (Even if she’s in the process of falling asleep, putting the pulseox on her will wake her up. She’ll remove it and play with it, talking and babbling, all sleepiness gone. I’ve learned not to do that before she falls asleep, now.)

I went back out into the living room and waited for her to fall asleep. After about a half hour, it seemed quieter, so I figured she’d finally drifted off. I got up to make my way into the bedroom again, when I heard her vocalize really loud. So I went it to look at her. She’d tossed her blanket off, her plush toy had been thrown to the other end of her bed, and she was talking loudly. She saw me walk in, yelled again, and planted her elbows into her Boppy pillow and pushed down, lifting herself up.

Sitting up now, she raised her arms to me, wanting to be taken out of bed.
“No,” I said. “You need to go to sleep now.”
“Uh-uh.” She shook her head.
“Yes. Do you want to sing some more?”
“Uh huh.” Nodding. She raised her arms again.

So I sang to her again, and laid her back into bed. She fell asleep soon after; I guess she just needed more singing!

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  1. I like your night-time routine – the ice cream sandwich part! You describe such a sweet interplay between Daddy and daughter. Hold onto her putting herself to sleep! Such a good skill and helpful to a parent’s health.

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