Tea party, sans tea

With warm weather come outside tea parties!

Namine has been asking to do a tea party again. Memorial Day weekend provided the perfect time — and the perfect weather — to do so. We had a little prep to take care of beforehand, like acquiring hats. (You can’t have a tea party without hats.) A trip to our local Goodwill proved fruitful.

We made a slew of sandwiches for our tea party. The sandwiches included a ham and pimento cheese, cream cheese and chive with red onion and turkey, classic cream cheese with cucumber and dill, mini croissants with chicken salad, salami and pepperoni with mayo, and last but not least, pizza rolls. (No tea party is complete without them.) For dessert we had mini eclairs, mini cream puffs, chocolate and vanilla petit fours and lemon cream cheese coffee cake bites.

I’ve been referring to this as a tea party, but regrettably, we did not have tea. With everything else that we had to get ready, we simply didn’t have the time to make it. Iced tea would have taken even longer, and it was already too scorching for these roasting people to have hot tea. (As a matter of fact, the only hot thing we had were the pizza rolls. All the sammies were cold.)

So yes, we had a tea party with ice water. 10/10, would ice water tea party again.

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