Birthday baseball

Namine’s Buddy gave her a birthday present after baseball!

It was an overcast evening, but while it had rained earlier, it stopped in time for Namine’s baseball game. When it was her team’s time in the outfield, she chose her usual spot at the pitcher’s mound. Wearing a baseball glove, it’s pretty difficult to wheel herself, but she almost caught the ball a couple times when it was hit toward her.

Namine is getting better and better each time she’s at bat. Her Buddy is getting better at pitching, too. I have to be ready with the camera by the time it’s her turn!

Blink and you’ll miss it!

After the game was over, Namine’s Buddy gave her a birthday present. Actually, there were several presents: coloring books of nature and animals, along with Namine’s favorite kind of pens: gel pens. We said our goodbyes, and she wished us well on our vacation for Namine’s birthday.

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