Cookie Day

We gathered for another year’s Cookie Day with Jessica’s side of the family!

It’s a yearly tradition to make cookies with Jessica’s sisters prior to Christmas. We make a multiple batches of a wide variety of cookies, which then get distributed to everyone who comes to celebrate on Christmas Day.

There was more to do than just cookies — although a concerted effort with this kind of volume isn’t “just” anything! ? Jessica’s sister Jewel was also making an assortment of gingerbread things for her work. She had a spare gingerbread person, which she gave to Namine to decorate.

When all is said and done, sometimes we’re so tired — but relieved — that we forget to take a picture of the table full of cookies. Well, not this year! Somehow our output varies from year to year, despite it consistently being an all-day affair. It seemed like this year’s haul was less than the last. No matter; we had fun (I’m fairly certain, I know I did) and we still had plenty to distribute at Christmas.

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