Impromptu Cookie Day

It should be a national holiday anyway.

It’s been kind of a yucky Christmas season for us. Namine and I both got pinkeye, and I came down with the flu rather hard. Because of all that, we had to skip Cookie Day — that one day every December when we get together with Jessica’s sisters to make cookies, you guessed it, all day.

The purpose of Cookie Day is, of course, the great cookie exchange. Not one to be without cookies to exchange, Jessica and Namine set out to have their own day (it ended up being days) of making cookies.

The girls made peanut butter cookies (both with and without chocolate chips and Hershey Kisses), Mexican Wedding Cakes, and I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting.

Never one to be left out of some baking action, Namine had a great time, and Jessica loved having a helper in the kitchen.

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