Cookie Day times two

Namine helped make cookies twice in one day.

It’s a tradition on Jessica’s side of the family to have a Cookie Day (that’s capitalized, mind you) on which she and her sisters get together to make cookies. They make literally hundreds of cookies, all of which are distributed to family members when we gather on Christmas Day.

It just so happened, however, that Namine had a service project for her Confirmation class on the same day as Cookie Day. So we dropped Jessica off at her sister’s house and headed to the church so Namine could help out… with making cookies. Or rather, so other kids could make cookies.

Christmas for Kids

Christmas for Kids is an event held at my hometown congregation for children ages 4-12 which consisted of some worship songs, a magic show, crafts, and cookie decorating. As I mentioned, Namine did not make cookies. Rather, she helped get things ready for the kids who would. Prior to the event, she dished out frosting into little cups.

There were a lot of cups, and there was a lot of frosting. She eventually ran out of both, but not before the event started. That said, enough was done so that Namine was able to take a break and watch the illusionist perform for the kids.

When the illusionist was done, it was time for the kids to do other things, and time for Namine to return to her frosting scooping. By the time children started arriving in the gym for cookie decorating, Namine’s work was done — just in time for her next work to begin: helping children as they needed help.

As for the younger children, Namine helped them write their names on their cookie boxes. As for the older age groups, she patrolled the tables and made sure the ones who were finished made room for the ones who weren’t. There was a brief pause between age groups; Namine used that time to clean up the tables and make sure they were ready for the next one.

After the event was all done and the gym was once again clean, Namine was able to sit at one of the tables (before it was taken down) and decorate a couple cookies of her own.

After Namine and I were all done at Christmas for Kids, we headed back to her aunt’s house for our family Cookie Day. Things were well in hand without us, with several adults as well as Namine’s cousin, but Jessica made sure to save Namine’s favorite cookie recipe — Mexican Wedding Cakes — for after we arrived. There were other recipes too, including a no-bake oatmeal cookie, that Namine and her cousin made together.

No cookie day would be complete, I suppose, without a flubbed recipe. This year, it was Namine’s favorite. The girls mistakenly used regular sugar instead of powdered sugar, and the result was a melted mass of cookie.

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