St. Nick’s scavenger hunt

We celebrated Saint Nicholas Day, albeit a day late, with a scavenger hunt.

Namine is a big fan of scavenger hunts. She likes putting them together for other people, and she likes participating in them. Jessica and I put one together earlier this year for her for Halloween. We decided to do another one for St. Nick’s Day.

Rather than candy or fruit nestled inside her stocking, we put a hint sheet folded inside. It contained clues to where the gifts were hidden.

Rather than limiting the scavenger hunt to the living room (which we had to in the apartment), we spread the hidden presents all across the house. The clues stumped Namine a few times, but she worked them out.

The last presents lay under the tree, two for Namine and two for Jessica and myself. We opened three at the same time: matching Christmas pajamas.

Namine’s last present was on theme for her STEM interests, while also embracing her love of creatures. It was a robot spider that she could build, which when assembled could actually climb.

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