Setting up for Christmas

It took us longer to do so, but we finally put up our Christmas tree.

We’re usually pretty good about bringing out the Christmas decorations closely following Thanksgiving. This year, however, we were late to the party, so to speak, since we had our windows replaced, and then we switched bedrooms around.

Speaking of windows: in the process of replacing our bay window in the living room, we lost the sill inside the house. That’s where, last year, we had put our little Nativity scene. As a result, we had less space; we ended up not putting out the Nativity scene or our Christmas village.

We still put up our tree, though. Namine, Jessica, and I decorated it over the course of a few evenings. We look back with mixed emotions on the time we had a live tree, but have resolved to stick with artificial for the foreseeable future.

It is an Eiche tradition to save putting the angel on top of the tree for last. And like last year, Jessica had the pleasure of doing so.

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