Getting ready for Christmas

It was a good day to put up our Christmas decorations.

Jessica and Namine were just putting the finishing touches on cleaning Namine’s bedroom while I brought in the Christmas decorations from the garage. We may have played around with the decorations for a little while.

Naturally, we went from a clean living room — a rare creature in our house — to a cluttered one. It was a temporary but necessary one, though, as we have a lot of Christmas boxes.

Jessica had cleared off the back of the piano, so we put the Gingerbread Town and the Nativity figures in place.

We replaced our tree this year. Being allergic to nature as we are (and that includes Namine), we’ve always used a fake tree. Unfortunately, our tree was looking more like the Charlie Brown tree than anything else, so it was time for a change. The tree we ended up getting is actually taller by half a foot, but it still fits nicely.

Last year, we put the tree over by the window. It was the best place for it, in a place where it wasn’t in the way and where it could still draw the eye.

But you remember what lives in that corner now, right? That’s right — Namine’s school nook! We can’t very well move that, and even if we could, where would we move it to? So we had to figure out a better place for the tree.

We settled on the corner that used to be home to our movies. Namine and I moved the movies inside the entertainment center, clearing the way for the tree.

Namine helped me decorate the tree as much as she could. I brought her bench out so she could reach a little higher.

Last but certainly not least, I held her up so she could put the angel on the tree.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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  1. I love those wreath pictures…gotta have some fun while you’re making a big festive mess! :) thanks for sharing!

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