Setting up for Christmas

We have a smaller tree this year. And for a change of pace, it’s a real tree!

With me working from home full time and Namine attending virtual school, we have less room than ever. Under normal circumstances, our normal-sized, six-foot tree would go in front of the living room window, but that has since been transformed into my work space. After some brainstorming, we settled on a solution. We decided to get a brand new tree!

We’ve always had a fake tree, as both Jessica and I have allergies. In searching for a smaller fake tree, we found that the real ones were much less expensive. After some deliberation, we decided to give a real tree a chance. Namine suggested we name him, so we named him Doug. (He’s a Douglas fir.)

Since we have limited space, we’ve placed Doug on top of one of our tables. (There’s a wooden board between the tree and the table, just in case he leaks.) It was pretty much the perfect height for Namine, who was able to reach all but the very top of the tree.

The last thing to do was put the angel on top of the tree! In years past, I’ve picked Namine up so she could reach. Jessica and I were afraid of knocking Doug over or spilling his water, so Namine agreed with me that Jessica should be the one to put the angel on top this year. She hasn’t done that since Namine’s first Christmas at home! (That was actually her second Christmas. Her very first Christmas was spent in the hospital.)

Having completed the living room’s Christmas tree, Namine set up and decorated her room’s little tree. I suppose it wouldn’t take much to leave the ornaments on, but decorating it every year is part of the tradition — and the fun.

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