Making gnomes

We spent the afternoon making a whole bunch of gnomes!

We gathered at Jessica’s sister’s house for an afternoon of gnome-making. We had found a relatively simple-looking video on Facebook for DIY gnomes, so we thought we’d give it a shot. We all pitched in toward getting a bunch of crafting supplies and set to work.

You gnow know those “expectation/reality” comparison pictures? This was like that. The DIY video made the gnomes look so simple and yet professional. Ours were, in comparison, nothing like that. Regardless, we had a wonderful afternoon of laughs and crafts.

Most of us only made one gnome, but Namine made three! The first was more traditional in appearance, which she made with one of her aunts’ help. The second was a ninja with an eye patch, which she made with my help. The third looks like Santa, which she made with nearly everyone’s help. We all pitched in with that one because it was so big!

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