Stein’s trick or treat

Trick or treat was a little different this year, but still fun!

With COVID-19 still going on and social distancing being a thing, trick or treating is a little different this year. We attended Stein’s “FrankenSTEIN’s Trick or Treat” event not knowing what to expect.

Instead of having a whole bunch of people gathering all at once, this year Stein’s had each family register for a time to arrive. Each family would have a half hour, enough time for a story and to walk around and fill their candy bags. The story was “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” one of our favorites. We got to keep the book.

After story time, we walked around the path they’d built, with trick or treat stops sprinkled throughout. Namine held out her candy bag while I pushed.

It was a good thing I was pushing, though. The entire path was on gravel, so Namine would have had a heck of a time getting through. It was hard enough for me!

Near the end, they had letters to the Great Pumpkin that each child could sign and mail. After putting it in the mailbox, she flipped the flag up to make sure it would get sent! ?

After making it all the around the path, we even got to see the Great Pumpkin. There were also succulents and gnomes, about which both Jessica and Namine were excited. (The succulent we got last year is still alive, too!)

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