Cookie day

The annual cookie day is a family Christmas tradition. We were less some people, but we still made a lot of cookies and had a lot of fun.

We joined (most of) Jessica’s sisters for another Christmas cookie day, a solid six hours of baking more cookies than we could count. I mean, we probably could count them. We’re adults, we know how to do basic arithmetic. But once you get past a certain amount of cookies, why bother? There’s a lot. Let’s leave it at that.

There wasn’t yet a lot for Namine to do while the adults were still doing prep, so she was in charge of reading the recipes and ensuring the ingredient proportions were correct. Every job is important!

Once Jessica and her sisters had enough dough made, Namine was able to start on the fun part: rolling the dough in balls and rolling those balls in sugar. Or powdered sugar. Or brown sugar. Or sprinkles. You get the idea.

Of course, some uncooked dough got “lost” in the hours-long process of making cookies. I don’t know what happened to it, I swear. ?

Not only did we make cookies that needed to be baked, we also made cookies that could be eaten “raw” — but since they were made without eggs or flour, that was fine. Still, we had to freeze them before we could dip them in chocolate.

As you might imagine, making cookies is a messy business. But that’s what aprons and vacuum cleaners are for.

I love taking pictures of cookie day; it’s a fun way to get a snapshot of family fun. As a result of pulling out my phone to snap some pictures before resuming the cookie-making, I end up with a lot of slice-of-life photos and the occasional random shot of “I don’t know what happened here.” Below you’ll find my favorite picture of the day, though I have no idea (honestly truly) what the context was.

I probably tried stealing some dough from Namine, who was quick to reprimand me (unless I let her have some too, which has been known to happen).

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